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Eoin Macken: Writing is much easier than acting... I've already started my second book - Independent.ie →

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The Wedding Invitation wrap party (photo: lakendrus/instagram)

“Being witness to the unbridled joy a person feels when they can actually see again, something I have always taken for granted, is a humbling experience that I will never forget. Sightsavers not only gives back the invaluable gift of sight to people, it changes their lives, and the lives of their families and their communities. It’s more than a gift of sight; it’s bringing back the gift of life.”


Eoin Macken and Rainy Kerwin filming The Wedding Invitation movie (FB)


Yo gwainesworld, Eoin said you’re awesome, and that’s what we think aswell!! Thanks for everything!


Eoin Macken on his recent visit to Mozambique with SightSavers


Quite brilliant. An edgy coming of age story which never flags." Irish Examiner 22/09/14 

t i  t l e s don’t mean anything. It’s what’s inside that counts.

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